Expert Advice on Caring For Reptiles

Over recent years, reptile keeping has developed from something of a minority interest among a small number of dedicated fans to represent a large and growing part of the mainstream pet industry.Success with these animals goes hand-in-hand with a good understanding of their general biology and particular needs - which is where this site comes into its own.

Lizards Saved at a Sewage Works: A Case Study

Spending Christmas in a log cabin sounds more like the sort of thing to appeal to people, rather than 100 sleepy lizards – but that’s exactly what happened to one group of reptiles when they found themselves caught up in a major construction project at a Dartford sewage works. The …

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Releasing Grass Snakes Into the Wild: A Case Study

Although the grass snake (Natrix natrix) naturally lays its eggs in piles of rotting vegetation alongside the ponds and lakes it frequents, where the natural warmth produced helps with incubation, it also has a reputation for occasionally building its nest in compost heaps. As keen gardener – and lifelong snake …

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Conserving Kosgoda’s Turtles: A Case Study

Turtles evolved more than 50 million years before the first dinosaur walked the earth – and they have been plying the seas, and hauling themselves onto the world’s warm and sandy beaches to lay their eggs, ever since. Having survived the demise of their younger cousins at the end of …

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Iguana Has Lost Appetite: What Can We Feed Him?

The first thing I’m absolutely bound to say is that you really do need to find a vet. Even if the one who looks after the stock animals on the farms around you wouldn’t call him/herself an expert on exotic animals, he or she will have plenty of relevant knowledge …

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