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Over recent years, reptile keeping has developed from something of a minority interest among a small number of dedicated fans to represent a large and growing part of the mainstream pet industry.Success with these animals goes hand-in-hand with a good understanding of their general biology and particular needs - which is where this site comes into its own.
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Reptile Biology
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Latest Comments
  • lilly
    Re: Keeping Iguanas as Pets
    Hello. I would like to know what house plants are Harmfull to iguanas, your answer would be very helpfull. Many thanks.
    27 July 2014
  • Tom&Terry
    Re: Keeping Tortoises as Pets
    My horsefield tortoises wee is pinkish in colour rather than the white colour I see. This has been happening for the last 2 weeks.…
    7 July 2014
  • mark
    Re: Blister Disease
    Is it ok spray betadine on my bosc monitor for bleaters on skin
    7 April 2014
  • dave
    Re: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Beetroot?
    My female bearded dragon has had a second batch of infertile eggs after 4 weeks of 1st one will she always have eggs every…
    5 February 2014
  • Sammy Sam
    Re: The Seven Deadliest Reptiles
    The Carpet Viper should take first place as the most "dangerous" as it lives in close proximity to humans, hence more bites. A…
    6 December 2013
  • HerpeGirl
    Re: Popular Misconceptions About Snakes
    Thanks! This was informative and persuasive. I sent it to my dad so her could realize that snakes are not crazy fierce…
    6 November 2013
  • emmie
    Re: Keeping Milk Snakes as Pets
    Ive just been bought a milk snake please don't worry ive kept snakes before they will eat just don't touch the tank ??
    30 September 2013
  • Deezel
    Re: Metabolic Bone Disease
    My poor crested gecko has MBD. I have been told he may have been born with it but my lack of knowledge and and being given poor advice…
    21 September 2013
  • madambutterfly
    Re: Keeping Geckos as Pets
    no they wont get lonely on their own they are happy to live on their own and its actually cheaper :)
    7 September 2013
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