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Over recent years, reptile keeping has developed from something of a minority interest among a small number of dedicated fans to represent a large and growing part of the mainstream pet industry.Success with these animals goes hand-in-hand with a good understanding of their general biology and particular needs - which is where this site comes into its own.
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Latest Comments
  • ReptileExpert
    Re: Keeping Tortoises as Pets
    @Jonesy - this link may help you here .
    2 December 2014
  • Jonesy
    Re: Keeping Tortoises as Pets
    Our tortoise over 40 years old is having trouble settling into hibernation. She has always buried herself in the garden, but this year…
    1 December 2014
  • none
    Re: Risk of Catching Zoonotic Diseases from Your Reptile
    May I please have permission to share this page on an international FB herp group? Fully…
    22 November 2014
  • ReptileExpert
    Re: Keeping Tortoises as Pets
    @Jen - I'm going to direct you to the Tortoise Trust link here . They will give you plenty of information about this tricky situation.
    21 November 2014
  • Jen
    Re: Keeping Tortoises as Pets
    Hi Team, please can you advise? Our tortoise has come out of hibernation early. He has only been in hibernation a month, we had a warm…
    21 November 2014
  • yuritich
    Re: Keeping Geckos as Pets
    Hi I have two bosc monitor lzards which i have just taken to the vets They both have metabolic bone disorder and are being treated with…
    3 November 2014
  • WinnieFreddy
    Re: Keeping Corn Snakes as Pets
    I got a pet corn snake for my birthday in June and he is absolutely lovely and really friendly. He has shed his skin no problem.…
    5 October 2014
  • Neen
    Re: Keeping Pythons as Pets
    @Kells, have you taken him to see a vet or reptile specialist as that doesn't sound right at all?
    8 September 2014
  • kells
    Re: Keeping Pythons as Pets
    Hi my royal python has become really peed off to the point where my kids cant handle him any more witch im consurnd about is there any…
    8 September 2014
  • mypetdragon
    Re: Keeping Bearded Dragons as Pets
    Hi all Please help me out! We have recently purchased a 2 year old bearded dragon who we were informed was active and well…
    11 August 2014
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